I am thrilled to have you here! I cannot wait to go on this fitness journey with you whenever, and wherever you are. My goal is for all of us to stay inspired and moving our bodies no matter where we are. I need motivation just like you to work out, so let's motivate each other, Join the team + get started. Whether it's a quick 10 min HIIT, a 30 minute no jumping low impact workout, or a hit the pavement running kind of workout, we can do it together! Whether you are an actress on tour or a 9-5er exhausted from the workday. With Positivity + Power, let's BFITTE!


· On-demand workouts ranging from 5 - 35 minutes and multiple levels depending on how your body feels that day.

·Minimal equipment. No equipment? No problem. Most of my workouts are limited to no equipment. However, I have organized the platform so you can easily find videos with: dumbbells, chairs, bodyweight, etc.

·Curated Fitness. Want to create your own workout schedule? Workouts are organized by body part, level, category + class style allowing you to switch it up and do something different each day 

°New. You motivate me to motivate you. I will be uploading all previously live workouts ON TOP of the workouts I format exclusively for you!

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