Workout Jenga is exactly what you think it is and yet you can't see it coming.

Using A/B/A/B format, we pull two exercises from the tower, do A for 30 seconds and B for 30 seconds 2x and then move on! It's a blast. When the tower falls we have 1 min to do 10 burpees. Shhhh, it's fine! JOIN US!

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  • JENGA 10.14.20

    It's Jenga! You never know what's going to happen!!!! Take a chance, I promise it will be worth it! Take breaks when you need but you got this!

  • JENGA 10.8.20

    Ya never know what ya get!

    Bodyweight circuit: 30s of work, A/B/A/B format!

  • Jenga 10.21.20


    Equipment: Optional set of dumbbells or cans to intensify (but not necessary)

    HIIT Jenga!! You never know what you're going to get! Grab a set of dumbbells and join me for this awesome home workout! This workout originally aired live on IGTV on 10.21.20

  • Jenga 11.4.20


    HIIT workout - you never know what you're going to get!!